About Shatrunjay Krishna

Shatrunjay Krishna

Shatrunjay was born and raised in and around eastern part of India bordering Nepal. In the ancient times, this was the place where Budhha spent much of his life and the place is associated with many glorious events and great personalities of ancient Indian history including Astavakra ( great Indian philosopher ) , Chanakya (political thinker), Vatsyayana ( author of Kamasutra), Chandragupta Maurya,  Jain Tirthankara Mahavir, Ashokaand Yog Guru Patanjali . 

Shatrunjay first experienced yoga based meditation through Bihar School of Yoga (BSY) at Munger-Jamalpur where he was training as an officer with Indian Railways after his induction into the central government services through union public service commission (UPSC). It was an experience that opened a different world to him. Listening to discourses from Swami Niranjananand left a deep impact and this led to a life- long journey of self-discovery through various means, including Raj Yoga based Dharana Meditation.

While on self-discovery, Shatrunjay professional career took many  turns - from government officer to series of stints with multinational consulting companies ( Ernst and Young, Aon Hewitt, Willis Towers Watson ) and foreign government ( UAE federal government) .

In his consulting stints, Shatrunjay has worked with large and small organisations on organisation values, leadership models, employee engagement and productivity. Looking back, he sees mindfulness as a common theme across all of these as mindful leaders and employees can create organisations that can add meaning to customers, employees and overall eco-system.

Through his personal experiences and through experiences of others, he realized that Dharana Meditation can be a very effective method for self-discovery. Once we start with some guidance, we can learn and practice meditation even in our busy schedules. Meditation is not an activity to be completed with some distant end-goal in mind, it is the goal in itself, joy in itself.

In his formative years Shatrunjay lived in Champaran ( India-Nepal border close to the place where Buddha was born and spent most of his life), Patna ( ancient city of Pataliputra ,  ancient yog guru Patanjali lived here) , Kharagpur, Kanpur and Delhi. He attended IIT Kanpur, IRIMEE (SCRA Scheme) and XLRI School of Management, Jamshedpur ( Business School famous for his human resources specialization)  as student. Now Shatrunjay lives and works in Gurgaon and does his yoga practice at his home.