Meditation for students

Meditating students show considerably improved academic performance in study. Students doing meditation report reduced stress and anxiety; increasing creative thinking, practical intelligence, and IQ levels. Improving ability to focus will not only benefit your schoolwork, but it will help you with your projects and internships, extra-curriculars, and sports, too - in short, it will pay dividends in nearly every area of your life. Children and teenage mind is naturally distracted as they are grappling with stimuli coming from multiple directions. Meditation helps bring the mind to the present moment and channelizes the energies. As a result, they are able to focus on your studies better. Meditation can be done at any age, it has shown great results for children starting seven years of age. The following awaremind meditations offer a simple and effective meditation technique to improve focused awareness while studying.


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This meditation literally means, observing the internal sky ( Antar : Internal, Akash : Sky or Infinity) . It is inspired from a dharana meditation of the ancient text of Sri Vijnana Bhairav Tantra( SBVT) . It is a good meditation for beginners.

YogNidra Navel

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Yognidra is very suitable for beginners . This track is inspired by yognidra technique taught by Swami Niranjananand. Yognidra is very useful in withdrawing our awareness to internal self, away from outside world. This can be done before other dharana meditation practice also.


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This is an important meditation and especially recommended for beginners. It means observing sky (infinity ) of our chitta ( consciousness) . In this, we watch our Chidaakash ( chitta + aakash ), black screen in front of our closed eyes. This involves watching own thoughts and observing our consciousness and its continuously changing different patterns .It also helps in dealing with anxious thoughts; you watch them; let them go and see how both good and bad thoughts or memories finally pass. It is very helpful in beating stress or anxiety.


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It is aimed at observing the world- It gives us an attitude of the witness. It is observing external ( bahya) sky ( aakash ). It is a very effective meditation to start the day as it provides us the perspective of infinite world and an attitude to go through the day without being overly stressed by external happenings just by observing everything and not necessarily responding. It is very good for beginners.