Meditation for sleep

If you having trouble with sleep it can damage your physical health and lead to diminished productivity, weight gain, impaired memory, and puts a strain on your relationships. We all know that getting enough sleep is extremely important to both our mental and physical health, but sometimes falling asleep can be a real challenge. These yoga based guided meditations are natural solution for anyone who wants a more natural approach to achieve deep sleep, and waking up feeling refreshed and recharged. Meditation practices may help you prepare for rest, and put worries or discomfort behind you.


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Yognidra is very suitable for beginniers . This track is inspired by yognidra technique taught by Swami Niranjananand. Yognidra is very useful in withdrawing our awareness to ourselves away from outside world. This can be done before other dharana meditations also. This is a short version of yognidra adapted from the version that swami Niranjanand teaches


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This is an important meditation and especially recommended for beginners. It means observing sky (infinity ) of our chitta ( consciousness) . In this, we watch our Chidaakash ( chitta + aakash ), black screen in front of our closed eyes. This involves watching own thoughts and observing our consciousness and its continuously changing different patterns .It also helps in dealing with anxious thoughts; you watch them; let them go and see how both good and bad thoughts or memories finally pass. It is very helpful in beating stress or anxiety.