Meditation for depression

Depression can make everyday life very challenging. People in depression are in downward spiral of negative emotions. Meditation can not only help how someone feels over time, but also may leave an impression on a cellular level. Depression has a tendency to make people think they’re worthless and then they tend to ruminate on that negative idea. People who have depression are prone to excessive worrying. Yoga based meditation in particular has been shown to have a strong effect on lessening symptoms of depression, such as negative thinking, rumination, and lack of focus. Incorporating regular meditation into depression treatment can have a very positive impact according to experts. So, meditation is the best way to once and for all, become depression free; it provides long lasting remedy unlike temporary relief from medicines.


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This dharana meditation literally means,fire of death or time. ( Kaal: Death or Time and Agni : Fire) . This is inspired from one of the 112 dharana meditations described in the ancient text of Sri Vijnana Bhairav Tantra (SBVT). Many recommend this to be the first meditation that beginners should do.


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This is an important meditation and especially recommended for beginners. It means observing sky (infinity ) of our chitta ( consciousness) . In this, we watch our Chidaakash ( chitta + aakash ), black screen in front of our closed eyes. This involves watching own thoughts and observing our consciousness and its continuously changing different patterns .It also helps in dealing with anxious thoughts; you watch them; let them go and see how both good and bad thoughts or memories finally pass. It is very helpful in beating stress or anxiety.